How many times can I sharpen a saw blade?

The number of times you can sharpen a saw blade depends on several factors, including the type of blade, the extent of wear and damage, and the skill of the person doing the sharpening. Here are some considerations:

1.Blade Type: Different types of saw blades have varying levels of durability and can be sharpened different numbers of times. For example, carbide-tipped blades can be sharpened more times than high-speed steel blades.

2.Initial Quality: The initial quality of the blade plays a role. Higher-quality blades are often designed to be sharpened more times than lower-quality ones.

3.Carbide Thickness: blades with more carbide can usually be sharpened more often because they have more material to work with. Thats also why Festool saw blades are maybe more expensive when bought but are more price effiective over the lifetime. 

4.Extent of Wear: The degree of wear and damage to the blade's teeth will also affect how many times it can be sharpened. If the blade has only minor wear, it can be sharpened more times than a blade with severe damage.

5.Sharpening Technique: A high precision sharpening machine can maintain the blade's geometry and tooth profile better, allowing for more sharpening cycles.

6.Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning and proper storage, can help prolong the blade's life and the number of times it can be sharpened.

As a general guideline, high-quality carbide-tipped circular saw blades can be sharpened around 5-10 times, depending on the factors mentioned above. However, this can vary widely. Less expensive or lower-quality blades may only be worth sharpening a few times.

It's essential to monitor the blade's condition, and when you notice a significant decrease in cutting performance, it's a good time to consider sharpening or replacing it. Additionally, following the manufacturer's recommendations for sharpening and maintenance can help you maximize the lifespan of your saw blade.